Mobile Anesthesia (Mobile Sedation)

Mobile Anesthesia Solution is utilized to give sleep dentistry to patients with dental phobia, or dental anxiety or who need to undertake lengthy treatments like an All on 4. At G2 Anesthesia Services Inc, mobile anesthesia is administered by a registered professional dentist, so you don’t have to worry about it being administered by a less-experienced provider.

Sedation and Anxiety

Anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways. Early bad experiences frequently contribute to dental anxiety later in life. It can sometimes be severe enough to be classified as PTSD. Other times, unfamiliar or unpleasant events, such as a dental office or procedure, exacerbate pre existing anxiety or melancholy.

In the case of pediatric patients, the parent's concern is frequently passed on to the child. Perhaps the child has only seen the dentist a few times and does not need to be afraid. However, parents will often emphasize the needle, the equipment the surgeon will use, or how there is nothing to be scared of, which might, oddly, but predictably, lead to a sense of terror in their child.

Some people prefer a milder experience with oral or moderate sedation, but other patients or practitioners prefer a general anesthetic for their specific needs. Whether they suffer from anxiety or not, nearly all patients would prefer to be sedated for specific procedures. Many treatments that an oral surgeon might need to perform, such as impacted teeth, or facial damage repairs, fall under this category. Then there are other operations that a non-anxious patient might be able to tolerate while awake that an anxious patient would need to be sedated for, such as crowns, fillings, root canals, or even tooth extractions.

The Benefits of Mobile Anesthesia

Dentists who offer mobile anesthesia only allow their top qualified technicians to provide mobile anesthesia. This improves the patient's safety and limits the risk of complications. For patients who struggle with dental anxiety, mobile anesthesia is a great option. It’s the ultimate in convenience, but mobile anesthesia is only recommended after a consultation. Mobile anesthesia offers many benefits both to the patient and the dentist. First, mobile anesthesia allows dental treatments to be performed in the dentist’s office, saving the patient time and money. Additionally, the patient’s comfort during the dental procedure is improved, and the patient can receive the treatments without transportation concerns. 

There are several reasons why patients choose mobile anesthesia. For the best dental care, go to G2 Anesthesia Services Inc. in Louisville, KY, or call (833) 336-8482.


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