No Extra Anesthesia Credentialing

G2 Anesthesia Services can enhance your practice IV Sedation without you having to worry about the mountains of extra credentialing you would have to do on your own.

Partnering with G2 means:
  • NO Anesthesia Related Liability
  • NO extra credentialing. 
  • NO required continuing education. 
  • NO thousands of dollars spent on licensing.

Why Choose Us

We pledge to provide the highest quality anesthetic care in a professional and caring manner, keeping the safety and comfort of the patient our highest priority from arrival to departure.


Expand your client base

New patients who used to prohibitively fear dental procedures.


Improve your efficiency

Procedures can now take a fraction of the time. And best of all, you can do them in your own office.


Provide a great dental care experience

Which many patients want and require but have very limited access to.


Optimize your earnings

Using G2 Anesthesia Services will allow you to work at optimal efficiency, meaning more open chairs, more patients, and greater revenue.

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