Dental Anxiety And How Oral Sedation Can Help

Posted by G2 Anesthesia Services Inc. Feb 28, 2023

Many patients have anxiety about visiting the dentist. This fear may be a result of poor experiences in the past, or it can arise without a specific cause. No matter the reason, avoiding regular dental care can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, there are ways that your dentist can provide a relaxing experience so that nothing gets in the way of your oral health care goals. One option is oral sedation medication.

Oral sedatives are given in the form of a pill. The patient will swallow the pill about an hour before their appointment. By the time they arrive at our office, they will be feeling more relaxed. Because of the effects of the medication, they tend to be groggy during the procedure. However, they will have little to no memory of the treatment itself once they wake up from their nap. Ask your dentist if you are a good candidate for oral sedation medications.

There are some patients who are not good candidates for this dental treatment option. For example, those with extreme fear of the procedure may not be ideal candidates because it can heighten their anxiety instead of reducing them. Additionally, those who have a history of drug abuse or addiction, as well as certain medical conditions such as heart disease, may not be able to receive this treatment. Your dentist can help you determine if oral sedatives are a good fit for you. If so, then the next step will be to make an appointment for your visit.

What Can Oral Sedation Do For Me?

Oral sedation can help a patient who is anxious about their upcoming procedure relax. When certain medications are administered by a trained professional, they can help patients feel much calmer both before and during their appointment. This may help some patients even forget what procedures they may be having performed!

Oral sedation can be administered in the form of pills or a liquid that you take before your appointment. While oral sedation is very safe when taken properly, you should still consult with your dentist before using any type of medication, including prescription or over-the-counter pills. Some common oral sedatives may include diazepam and Halcion. Your dentist can give you more information about which types of sedatives are right for you.

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